The Presidential Prayer Team introduces US Prayer Watch Network. Now you can be informed with prayer worthy news circulating around our Nation. We continually survey more than 73 sources and carefully select national news items that need prayer. We then verify for accuracy, compile and provide you that information here anytime 24/7.

Not only that, but we guide you in how to pray for that news item with suggested prayer points. And, each story is flagged with an appropriate prayer marks based on the urgency and importance. 
General news for daily prayer.
Time-sensitive pending news events that are of significant importance to our nation.
Crisis events or news impacting the nation needing immediate "PRAY NOW" action.
Send Prayer Alerts directly to your cell phone. Just text 'Alert' to 74303.
It is our prayer that you will be informed and encouraged to effectively pray for our country and its leaders. Please bookmark this page and begin using it as a continual resource in your prayer life. Then, please share us with your friends.

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Officials Warn of Flooding as Tropical Depression Approaches Outer Banks

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Today’s Prayer - From the Prayer Wall

Father God, thank you for surrounding us with your shield of protection always. We see the evil deeds of the enemy of God, ISIS and their lack of emotions towards other people, using children to carry out murder and barbarian acts. So Father we ask you right now to bring a screeching halt to the demonic forces of this world especially those connected to ISIS. We ask you to bring an end to terrorism in our world; to end ISIS now and to retrain those children trained by ISIS. Thank You, in Jesus name, Amen.