Dear USPWN visitor,

You may be wondering why the content suddenly stopped flowing on the USPWN website. While we would have liked to have timed it a bit better, the primary reason is that we are about to launch a new website for the Presidential Prayer Team, and with it will come a change in strategy for our content.

We launched USPWN to attempt to inform you about the events that are happening nationally so that you could be praying. We still think that this is a vital need in our country. However, as we examine what we are called to do as The Presidential Prayer Team, we have found that it has distracted us from really focusing on getting you motivational content specifically focused on the president. It is why we were formed, and it is what we must stay true to.

As we have made this decision, we have had to change some things quickly, and we don't want you to be uninformed. In coming weeks we believe that we will be partnering with another ministry to bring you the same type of content through their mission and calling. This is very exciting for us, as we still highly value this needed perspective on what is happening in our country. If you are already a subscriber to USPWN, we will let you know via email and this website when that opportunity has crystallized. If you are new to USPWN and would like to be made aware of the changes, please sign up on this page.

Finally, we would ask for your prayers and support as we are in the middle of a number of internal changes, all focused on providing you, our prayer team, with the most motivating, inspiring content, to refresh you daily with desire to bring our leadership before our great God.

If you haven't yet, jump onto our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts to stay connected with us, as exciting times are ahead.

With great anticipation,

The Presidential Prayer Team

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